A latest addition by Microsoft to templates for its flagship application ‘Microsoft Office Word’, is ‘Agendas’. This category of templates has, currently, 3 templates:

  1. Classic Meeting Agenda
  2. Conference Agenda
  3. Business Meeting Agenda (Orange design)

Agendas have been added in the templates keeping in view the apparent deficiency of the many managers and administrators to effectively write agendas for the meetings and conferences. All the minute details, reflecting good communication for the meetings, are included in the templates to make the templates an easy tool to write a good and effective agenda for a successful meeting.

Some of the important aspects for the good agendas, as described by communication experts, are:

  1. Location / venue of the meeting
  2. Date
  3. Time
  4. Items for the Meetings
  5. Start and end time for the discussion on each item
  6. The link of source to get the additional information for the meeting
  7. Any other information

All such details have been added in the templates.

Classic meeting agenda

Microsoft claims that to run your meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order, be confident that this template will keep your meeting on track.

AgendaTemplateDownload Link

Conference agenda

This is the right type of tool to share your meetings or conference with all the participants.AgendaTemplate2

Download Link

Business meeting agenda (Orange design)

Business Meeting Agenda template has been particularly designed for the business managers to allows the user to organize all the topics with planning to cover within set start and end time.

AgendaTemplate1Download Link

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