After the downloading, installing and the activation of the Windows 8.1, the first thing you would like to do is to customize the start screen. The start screen is a newer concept in the Windows 8.1 and you may want to own and customize this newer and novel product. Customization will also help you to understand the specific working of the Windows 8.1, the operating system for the desktop and the laptops, from the very start.

As the customization is an easier process, but if you need any help, see the instructions.


  1. Click the right button of the mouse of your computer on the Start Screen or alternatively swipe from bottom. A sign of ‘Customize’ button, similar to the one displayed in the image below will popup.Customization-of-the-Start-Screen
  2. Now, press ‘Customize’ button once.
  3. And see; your customization process has been enabled.

This is the start of the advanced customization of the Windows 8.1 and you have got the first mark on this highway to Windows 8.1.

That’s all!  

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