To get the screen sleep in the Android KiatKat 4.4.2 is not a difficult job now. Now, you may just double tap the ‘Status Bar’ to get the Android KitKat phone, sleep. But you need to set the double-tap before applying the tip. This is a very simple tip.

For the purpose, just follow the instructions:

Command Line: Settings > PERSONALIZATION – Interface > Status Bar> Double-tap to sleep.

1: Double-tap at the ‘Status Bar’ of the Home screen of your Android Smartphone and see the double-tapping to sleep feature is not enabled.

2: To activate the double-tap to sleep feature in Android KitKat 4.4.2, tap the ‘Settings’.


3: Tap the ‘Interface’ under PERSONALIZATION.

KitKat-Double-Tap-24: Tap ‘Status Bar’ on the ‘Interface’ screen.

KitKat-Double-Tap-35: At the ‘Status Bar’ screen, see the ‘Double-tap to sleep’ feature is not checked, i.e. not enabled.

KitKat-Double-Tap-46: Tap the ‘Double-tap to sleep’ to check it and it will be enabled.


7: Now, double-tap the ‘Status-Bar’ to check whether the ‘Double-tap to sleep’ feature is enabled or not.

That’s all!

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