Mobile device history statistics help you a lot while planning to purchase or change the phone carrier. With the analysis of the history statistics, you may come to know the call usage and the contacts which are called upon, unnecessarily and lavishly, in order to avoid this lavishness in future.

History statistics can be bifurcated, as per your requirements.

The instructions may help you to adjust time range in the history statistics if you feel the need.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Phone Dialer’ at the Home screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat screen to open up the ‘Mass Response’ screen. KitKat-History-Time-Range-12: At the ‘Mass Response’ screen, tap the ‘History’ button, given at the bottom left corner of the screen. It will take you to the ‘History’ screen. KitKat-History-Time-Range-23: At the ‘History’ screen, swipe to the right to the STATISTICS. KitKat-History-Time-Range-34: At the STATISTICS, tap the ‘All’ to select from the following parameters:

  • All
  • Incoming
  • Outgoing
  • Missed

Select just one about which you want the statistics.KitKat-History-Time-Range-45: Now, tap the ‘Settings’ button, given at the top right corner of the STATISTICS of History screen. It will open up a popup menu.

6: Tap the ‘Adjust time range’. It will open up a ‘Filter range’. KitKat-History-Time-Range-57: If you want easy and quick time adjustment, tap the ‘Quick Selection’ and select the time frame, quickly. I did not select from this ‘Quick Selection’. KitKat-History-Time-Range-5a8: In the ‘Filter range’, I scrolled up and down and selected the appropriate start and end date to customize my filter. To save the selection of date, tap OK. KitKat-History-Time-Range-69: See the time range is set January 2, 2014 – January 1, 2015. All the calls in this time range will be displayed below. KitKat-History-Time-Range-7That’s all!

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