To make typing and writing messages easier in new Google Keyboard for the Android 5.0 Lollipop, among many features added is one that enables double space period during writing. While typing when you have to close the sentence, you just need to add a full stop (period), a space and then the start of new sentence. To facilitate ease in these steps, one feature has been added which enables just double tapping the space bar and the full stop sign (period) and a space next to the full space will be added, automatically.


This is simple to activate if the following instructions are followed.


1: Tap icon of ‘Settings’ on Home screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat Device to open up the ‘Settings’ screen. Google-KeyBoard-Double Space 12: Scroll down to the PERSONAL section and tap the ‘Language & input’. Google-KeyBoard-Double Space 23: At the ‘Language & input’ screen, ensure that the ‘Google Keyboard’ is checked and enabled. Tap the ‘Settings’ button of the ‘Google Keyboard’. Google-KeyBoard-Double Space 34: At the ‘Google Keyboard’ tap the ‘Preferences’. Google-KeyBoard-Double Space 45: At the ‘Preferences’ screen, see the ‘Double-space period’ is unchecked, i.e. disabled. Google-KeyBoard-Double-Space-56: Tap the ‘Double-Space period’ to check and enable. Google-KeyBoard-Double-Space-66: From now onward, whenever you will double tap the space bar, Android will insert a period (full stop sign), followed by a space, automatically. Google-KeyBoard-Double-Space-7That’s all!

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