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How to Prepare FREE for GRE with Ultimate GRE Prep on the Go?

Ultimate GRE Prep is an app, developed by Android, for those students who are willing to prepare for the admission in the international universities. This free app revolves around the sentence completion exercise, flash cards and many other things related to the preparation of GRE. Some Prominent Activities for Preparation of...

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Splitr Separates Songs and Music on Each Side of Earphone of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Have you ever enjoyed the sharing of your earphone with any other person? But, what if the one side of the earphone is echoing the verses of song while the other side is playing music? Now, the Splitr the app, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod is developed in such...

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How to install .apk files on your Android device – Step-by-step guide

Android devices get almost all their apps from App Stores like Google Play Store and Amazon App Store but, sometimes some apps aren't available for download from these app stores due to some reasons. In that case, you are left with the option to install the Android apps manually by...

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How to Set Up iPad, the Easy Way and Swiftly?

If you have just acquired the iPad and anxious to start using it, what you need to do is to: Firstly download the iTunes, the official software of the Apple for accessing the Apple store with your computer. In case you already have iTunes installed in your PC, just update it to at least version...

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Comparison of 118 Specs and Features of Samsung I9500 Galaxy 4S and HTC One

The 118 Specs and Features of Samsung I9500 Galaxy 4S and HTC One are being compared. The 118 Specs of both the most popular specs of both the smartphones have been divided into following categories: Networking Physical Display Sound systems Data Storage Camera Operating Specs Sensors Messaging Specs Internet Based Services Battery Note: All the common specs have been colored Blue...

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Five Steps to be Connected to the Program of Microsoft WPC 2013 on the Modern Life

WPC 2013 by Microsoft is being arranged from July 7 to 11 in Houston, Texas where attendances are expected to listen to the speakers, focusing on the Modern Life of Technology. As expected, 16,000+ attendees from over 160 countries are to expected to discuss and, possibly, showcase the wider areas...

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