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How to Play Ludo Star with your Friends Online at iOS Powered iPhone and iPad?

Traditionally, Ludo has been a hot popular and widely played game among the children and adults alike in the different parts of the World. Now, you can play new version of Ludo Star with your friends Online at the iOS powered iPhone and iPad smart devices. This game is designed...

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Faster Performance for iPhone Phones is Number 1 Factor in New iOS 12

While operating the World’s fastest and the technologically advanced Apple devices, a stage comes when user needs the faster performance for their iPhones, iPads and even for their iPods. So, the developers at Apple also feel and thinks, similarly. This is why; the major emphasis on increasing the speed for...

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iOS 11 File App Lists all Apps at One Place in iOS Devices

One newly added feature in iOS 11, to be unfolded for the general public and users on September 19, 2017, around the World, is new File app. This new interface is embedded in the new iOS 11 operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod devise. In the previous operating systems,...

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iOS 11 New 21 Features Added Power to iPhone iPad and iPod

As per latest news, the newer version of iOS, iOS 11 will be available for the anxiously waiting iPhone, iPad and iPad users on September 19, 2017. Introduced at the WWDC on June 5 as beta version, 2017, the prominent features of iOS 11 were elaborated by Tim Cook, the...

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20 iOS 10 Compatible Devices for Maintaining High Quality of Apple Brand

Apple is successfully maintaining its global repute and position of very high quality products despite the fact that the preserving the attained repute is really challenging to uphold. Apple is effectively upholding its World Leadership in mobile industry by various efficacious strategies which include; no compromise on extreme high quality...

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iOS 10 How to Apply ‘Never Run Out of Storage’ in iPhone Smartphone?

Availability of enough storage in the 16GB iPhone models or even the higher capacity devices has always been an issue. Especially when you have to download some important app or to save some document and there is no storage left in the internal memory of your iPhone smartphone. To handle...

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Android Looks to be Dominating OS Market While iOS Retreating Slowly

As per reports on June 2015 of global market share of phone operating system, Android looks to be leading the market with 51.04% market share while iOS is immediately behind with 40.83% global market share. Windows phone is next with 2.29% global market share.  Android 51.04%  iOS 40.83%  Java ME 3.20%  Windows Phone 2.29%  Symbian 1.42%  BlackBerry 1.11%  Kindle 0.05%  Samsung 0.02%  Bada 0.01%  Windows Mobile 0.01%  LG 0.01%  HUAWEI 0.00%  ZTE 0.00% As per statistics for...

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch screen unveiled – Specs, Pricing and Availability

Apple has unveiled two different iPhones including the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 (See the details about iPhone 6 here) and the iPhone 6 Plus with huge 5.5-inch full-HD retina screen. iPhone 6 Plus is the bigger version of the iPhone 6 which has not only got bigger screen but, it also...

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Apple iPhone 6 unveiled with 4.7-inch screen, faster processor and camera – Specs & Pricing

Apple has finally unveiled its next generation iPhones which now come in two different sizes; iPhone  with 4.7-inch one and iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch screen (see the details of iPhone 6 Plus here). Both the iPhones are now more powerful than the previous generation iPhone 5S and they not only have...

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