Availability of enough storage in the 16GB iPhone models or even the higher capacity devices has always been an issue. Especially when you have to download some important app or to save some document and there is no storage left in the internal memory of your iPhone smartphone. To handle such situations, a special feature has been added in iOS 10 which enables the adjustment, safe download and installation of the required apps or doc in your iPhone.

This storage optimization feature, if enabled and switched on, will automatically work for you. In case, your iPhone is running low on storage, iOS 10 will manage to create the required room. This feature is added in iOS, keeping in the view that the one extra thing in your iPhone memory is the music from your music library which is either never listened or is played for a very time. For the purpose, the iOS 10 will remove and delete some of such songs and will create room for the app to download and install.

As a general conclusion, remember the number of songs, you will have to sacrify for the 1 GB of storage. It is; 200 songs for 1 GB of storage in the internal memory of your iPhone or iPad if you are using the iOS 10 operating system.

However, if you are still using a 16GB device, or even if you’re using a higher-capacity device and happening to be running low on storage, iOS 10 makes it easier to always keep room available. Thanks to a new storage optimization feature, users can take advantage of a setting that will automatically delete songs from a user’s music library if they haven’t been played for a while.

So, this is the time to activate this feature.

That’s all!

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