The font size in the smartphones play an important role in their ease of utilization and ultimately in their popularity among the users. Some brands of smartphones or tablets use bigger and larger fonts for the easy reading of the users which is not liked by some other users. Too large fonts also waste extra space on the already small and limited-sized screen. On the other hand, too small font size is also not liked by other users as it becomes difficult for some of the readers with eye sight problems to read the small font.

To solve the problem of the font size, the Android has provided option, like in previous versions, to adjust the size of the fonts of the inscriptions as per your likeness or your eyesight.

This adjustment can be done in a few steps while our guidance is also available at your service.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Settings’ app, placed currently at the bottom-right corner of the Home screen of your Android Marshmallow smartphone or tablet. It will open up the ‘Settings’ screen.2: At the ‘Settings’ screen, scroll down to the ‘Device’ section and tap the ‘Display’ button to open up the display related features.3: At the ‘Display’ screen, scroll down to the ‘Fonts’ size. See; the current status of the ‘Fonts’ is ‘Normal’. Tap it. It will take you to a prompt, named; ‘Font size’.4: There are four different sizes of the fonts are available at the screen, which are:

  • Small
  • Normal
  • Large
  • Huge

Current status is ‘Normal’.5: If you want to change the size of the font, you may change it here. I opted ‘Small’ and tapped the radio button of the ‘Small’ size to check the visibility.

6: See; immediately after the change, the size of the font become smaller in size even on the prompt.7: Then, I changed the size to the ‘Huge’ and it became gigantic in size which looked awkward.

8: So, I decided to revert back to the normal size and tapped the radio button of ‘Normal’.Then, everything becomes normal for me at the font screen.

So, you can change the size of the font, as per your need, desire or the requirements.

That’s all!

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