When an Android Marshmallow smartphone or tablet is left unused for a while, 2 soft actions may be performed with them, provided they are activated. First, which is more likely to happen is the automatic screen lock to protect the smartphone from accidental usage by user or by some other person. The other thing which occurs is the daydream – a change on the screen of the smartphone or tablet. The purpose of the daydream designers and developers is to hide the current running screen and to provide some facility, such as, clock or to provide aesthetic screen saver screens.

The screen saver or the daydream is the feature which is required to be activated by the users. This process requires few taps which are explained by us with illustrated screenshots in the instructions.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Settings’ app, currently placed at the bottom-right corner of the Home screen of the Android Marshmallow smartphones or tablets. This will open up the ‘Settings’ screen.2: At the ‘Settings’ screen, scroll down to the ‘Device’ section and tap the ‘Display’.3:  At the ‘Display’ screen, see; the current status of the ‘Daydream’ is ‘Off’, i.e. this feature is currently not functioning on this smartphone. If you are willing to activate this feature, just tap it.4: At the ‘Daydream’ screen, see; the current status of daydream is ‘Off’. With the off status of daydream, many options of the daydream are also disabled, at present.

If you want to activate and run this feature upon the screen of your Android smart device, just tap the switch of the daydream to activate the feature of daydream.5: See; immediately after the activation of the daydream feature, the 4 different options of the daydream are also enabled and are visible, clearly, upon the ‘Daydream’ screen. Currently, the ‘Clock’ option is enabled as daydream, by default. In addition to the clock, 3 other options, available at the screen are; Colors, Photo Frame and Photo Table.6: Now, to see the working of the daydream, just leave your smartphone without any working or movement for a while and see; the daydream feature will start working at it. This feature will change the screen and a digital clock with day and date will be displayed.You may further customize the daydream as well.

That’s all!

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