As per latest news, the newer version of iOS, iOS 11 will be available for the anxiously waiting iPhone, iPad and iPad users on September 19, 2017. Introduced at the WWDC on June 5 as beta version, 2017, the prominent features of iOS 11 were elaborated by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple as the best and most advanced operating system.

Keeping up with the competition with the Android OS, Apple made many revolutionary changes and developments in the iOS 11 which will profoundly change the field of competition in mobile operating systems. Some of its prominent changes are as under:

  1. Prominent changes in iOS 11 are subtle changes the in Basic Design which transformed the entire operating system from the previous iOS 10 to iOS 11.
  2. Like the Android, the text size in the iOS 11 has been made bolder to make it readable for the people with reading impairment and deficiency. This was a demand by the significant part of the iOS users.
  3. Some of the built-in apps, like Calculator and Phone, have been redesigned and have newer look which makes it easier to calculate and make calls – the basic function of any smartphone.
  4. Lock screen in the newer iPhone operating system has been made more powerful. Now, you may swipe from anywhere at the screen to get all of your recent or missed notifications of your smartphone and at the one place.
  5. Now, the Control Center has been converted to work as entirely customizable with wide range of options and settings. Now, the Control Center can be operated upon right from one screen with availability of the 3D Touch integration which is expanded.
  6. One more change in the lock screen working is that it has been merged with the Notification Center. When you will swipe down to get detailed notifications, it will open up the Lock Screen. So, the separate Notification Center has just been abolished and it has been merged with the Lock Screen.
  7. Voice at the Siri has been made more like natural one and more intelligent at the same time. Now, Siri has been upgraded to learn the preferences and syncs of the users across the multiple devices. It may now work as the personal assistance to learn and retain more information about you so that it may anticipate something about you, your future working and usage of the iOS device.
  8. Siri has been made capable of translating the English language into the languages, such as, the Spanish and Chinese.
  9. Siri has also been enabled to have more and more integration with the Apple music and it may now assist and anticipate your choices of the music.
  10. To facilitate the working of iPad, iOS 11 has introduced many new features, e.g. a persistent Dock is now displayed at the bottom of the display screen in order to facilitate between different apps. A new App switcher, similar to the Mission Control on Mac, will allow you to watch and see whatever you are doing, currently.
  11. One big addition for the iPad Pro users is that they may enjoy the working with the Apple Pencil which is good while working with the Mail, Notes, Support and even for the drawings on the screen.
  12. Developments in Drag and Drop in both iPhone and iPad will enable you to drag the images, links and other such material from one set of apps to the other and drop there.
  13. A new Finder – styled Files app has been added for managing the different types of files, docs and images. Here, all listed files in iCloud Drive, in apps or in Dropbox or Google Drive can be seen.
  14. New keyboard feature, like the one-hand keyboard, have been added to type the message, emails or other such features, with single hand.
  15. Flick option, available in the iPad for typing numbers and symbols, quickly, has been updated, making it more functional and practical.
  16. Notes, for the searchable handwriting and documents, maps, road guidance, speed limit info, indoor maps and many others are updated.
  17. A newer feature of Apple Music is included which allows you to see what your friends and other people close to you, are listening and may allow you to share your own music or video.
  18. The Memories feature for the Photos is made smarter than before where Camera app, Portrait Mode and Live Photos has been improved, substantially, with new actions.
  19. For the safe driving, the Do Not Disturb feature has been added to make the driving safer while the car or vehicle is in motion.
  20. New App Drawer is there to ease the access to the apps for the messages or stickers.
  21. Apple Pay feature – person-to-person Apple Pay – has been improved to send the money to the friends and even to you family through iMessage.

Still many more features are expected to be revealed when the new iOS 11 will be launched, officially, for the general public.

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