After the introduction of the iOS 11 in the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), on June 5, 2017, it is expected that Apple will officially launch the iOS 11 on Tuesday September 12, 2017. iOS stands for iPhone Operating System and is the power which runs behind the screens of Apple iPhone, iPad and the iPod.  

After the introduction and availability of the iOS beta, you might use the same to check and see the different aspects of iOS 11 beta but for the purpose, you must sign up with the Apple as the tester.

Much before the official launch, perhaps in September 12, 2017, two pre-released versions of iOS 11 beta were available. One was specifically aimed for the iOS developers while the other was available for the general public testers. Better it is to understand that both these versions had the bugs which might cause your iOS device to slow down or abrupt halt. All these conditions are well known to the developers. It is also expected that different beta versions will also be available for the developers, such as, the iOS 11.1 and so on, before its expected launch for everyone.

Current beta version, released by the Apple, is beta 6 while the version available for the public was beta 5.

We are expecting many new and exciting aspects of iOS 11 which are due within September 2017. Apple subscribers are also expecting the iPhone 8 within this month. As reported by developers, many newer features, available in the iOS 11 beta version are unique and different from the iOS 10.