SEO is an art to attract the human being toward a specific message, cause, service of product, provided by the specific website, web page, blog, e-store or e-commerce site. Being a newer part of knowledge, its dimensions are still not defined and are, off course, not clear. But, its huge application in trillions of entities on web have forced many of the researchers, gurus, writers and philanthropists to think about it and attempt to define it.

In the preceding words, we have tried to explain the search engine optimization in our own words.

Our Ultimate Definition

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of getting and uploading the content on the search engines to get the top ranking for the said content of your website or blog on the SERPs, competing with other top and best millions of organic (unpaid) search results.

We are of the view that material uploaded on the website / blog must adhere to the most popular keywords which are searched on the site. The successful SEO techniques applied must be able to attract a handsome number of visitors to your site to explore the stuff, uploaded at your site.