In the simplest words, the SEO helps to gain better ranking on search engines which will result in the more visitors to the website and blogs and it the end, more sales of your products/services.

Practical search engine optimization techniques are getting more and more attention by the bloggers and this trend looks to be increasing in the upcoming future. With the enormous upsurge of the queries upon blogs and websites on Internet in trillions, the bloggers are adopting the SEO strategies and techniques like the traditional marketing practices, a part of previous marketing efforts, but with more sophisticated techniques and strategies.

As search engines have to serve the query requirements of the billions of users per day who are looking for the solution to their thirst about their data / information problems, more efforts by the bloggers are required to come in to the working sphere of the search engines.

So, now is the time to startup an Online website, blog or store, if you are willing to satisfy the specific needs of the said business line to increase its earnings.

Importance of SEO for Your Website?

Starak (2016) [i] describes on his blog the search engine optimization that this is an area of no-go like area for majority of the bloggers, authors, writers, content developers and website administrators. Majority of the concerned people never bother to look into this new sphere of knowledge, simply ignoring the glorious fact that this might get them richer. They forget about the technical and a very high-quality research, development of the knowledge, testing, implementation of new knowledge at the minute level, tracking the things to optimize search ranking for your blogs by making it a feasible solution to many of your problems. Here, many controlled-tests are played by applying various variables and by applying the keywords, codes, links and tags, with a purpose to propose some of the results for your website and web page. Then we are made to put these theories to practice and their resulting findings are reported to the public at large.

Starak further reported his findings that search engine optimization is not a field of applied sciences where two plus two are always four. This field of knowledge falls into the grey area of applied arts, i.e. if its certain and fundamental principles are applied with care and reasonably, it may work like sciences. It provides us the tools which enable us, indirectly, to gain significant and slight level of control over the working of the search engines. You may apply these tools to get friendly with the search engines and the SERPs.

But, Starak may be a little wrong as it is really difficult to guess the working of the search engines as you cannot have direct or slight indirect control over the search engine algorithms. Further, some other person may apply the rules more precisely than you and may get more closer to the deciding factors.


[i] Starak, Yaro (2016). Blog Traffic Tips Weekly Newsletter – The Blog Traffic King.


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