Like all other mobile devices, it is a wise idea to always keep the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow device locked so that it may not unlock, accidentally, while in pocket, in purse or in hand. The accidental unlocking may cause numerous damages to your settings, privacy, apps or data inside the smartphone.

Like previous versions, Android has provided a new mechanism to lock the screen of the device, automatically, after a set time – you may select the time to sleep the device after the set time. But,to unlock, you need manual mechanism.

The new mechanism is a little similar to the previous one but functions in a different way. But, if you need help, just see the instructions.


Method 1

1: Press the ‘Home’ button or the ‘Power Button’ to switch on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

See; a similar screen will be displayed with a small raw image of a lock in the middle of the bar at the bottom of the Lock Screen. (The Lock Screen setting and configuration can be set and chosen by you as per your need and requirements).Android-Marshmallow-Unlocking-Screen-12: Tap the lock image and drag it upward. See; the image of time and date will start to vanish as you are dragging the lock upward.Android-Marshmallow-Unlocking-Screen-2Alternatively, you may tap anywhere on the screen and drag your finger, upward. It will perform the similar function.Android-Marshmallow-Unlocking-Screen-33: After you have dragged your finger to some extent, you will see the Home screen of your mobile is unlocked.Android-Marshmallow-Unlocking-Screen-4Now, your Android smartphone or mobile is ready to operate.

Method 2

1: Tap the Status Bar and Drag it downward.Android-Marshmallow-Unlocking-Screen-5

Android-Marshmallow-Unlocking-Screen-62: Drag it downward till the Quick Settings Tiles are Revealed.Android-Marshmallow-Unlocking-Screen-73: Now, drag the Quick Settings Tiles upward to close them.Android-Marshmallow-Unlocking-Screen-8See; the Home Screen is Unlock and ready to use.Android-Marshmallow-Unlocking-Screen-9That’s all!

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