In the busy schedule of the Android users, sometimes following the prolonged procedures to open Dialer App to search and call any contact becomes troublesome and time consuming. You need a soft and quick mechanism to open dialer app while your phone is locked, i.e. you need features to open up dialer app without unlocking the screen.

Understanding the need of the users, the Android has included a new feature in Marshmallow, its new operating system for the mobile devices. Now, you can directly open the dialer’s app without unlocking your Android phone.

It is easier if you see just the few guided screenshots and follow them.


1: Press the Home button or the Power button to wake the Android phone from sleep.

2: See; if the ‘Shortcuts’ are enabled on Lock Screen, 3 icons given at the bottom of the Lock Screen by default are:

  • Camera App Icon
  • Screen Lock Icon
  • Dialer App Icon

Note: If the ‘Shortcuts’ are not enabled, see; ‘How to Enable Shortcuts on Lock Screen of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow?

3: Tap the ‘Dialer App, icon, given at the bottom left corner of the lock screen.MarshmallowLockScreenDialerApp-14: Drag the icon to the upward direction. See; the icon with a circular white shade will appear around the icon and will expand upward as you will drag the icon, upward.MarshmallowLockScreenDialerApp-25: Keep on dragging the icon upward and then the lock screen will be closed and the ‘Dialer App’ screen will open up.MarshmallowLockScreenDialerApp-3Here, you may call any contact of your choice.

That’s all!

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