If you are an Android lover who is looking to install a custom version of Android (ROM) on your Android device then you might need to install the Google Apps (Gapps) which provide core features for Android. The Gapps are needed for the proper functionality of different features and it is also needed to keep using certain Google services.

The Gapps are also needed to add core Google framework and services like Google Play Services, Exchange platform and more. The Gapps come in different packages and each one is designed for different devices and come with different kind of apps and core services.

Looking for the Gapps for Android 5.1 Lollipop? You may download them from here!

Note: The Google Apps being provided below for download are made specifically for Android 6.0 Mashmallow devices and it must not be installed on any other device running some other version of Android.

You can download the Gapps from the direct links below in your desired package:

Gapps Super package:

This Super Google Apps package is suitable for latest generation devices and for people who wants to test out all the latest features of the Google services including the Google System base, offline files, Face Unlock, Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Exchange services and all the Google apps which are available for download from Google Play Store.

It also include all stock package apps as well as the apps which are available from Play Store.

Download Gapps Super package (711MB)

Gapps Aroma package:

This package is very much similar to the Google Apps Super Package but, it include a graphical user interface (GUI) based installer which lets you choose which apps will be installed. This package includes all the apps from stock Google Apps package as well as the apps which are available from Google Play Store. The core services and frameworks are also included in it.

It can be installed, like other Gappsp packages by going to recovery on your device and installing the zipped package.

Download Gapps Aroma package (716MB)

Gapps Stock package:

This package in the one which has all the apps which come pre-installed on the Google’s Nexus devices. It include the core services like Google Play Services, Exchange services, Face Unlock, Offline speech files and Google Play Store.

Download Gapps Stock Package (598MB)

Gapps Full Package:

This package is very much similar to the Gapps stock package but, it lacks some of the apps which are not very necessary to be installed.

This package has the following apps:

  • Chrome
  • Clout Print
  • Gmail
  • Calculator
  • Docs
  • Fitness
  • News & Weather
  • Play Books
  • Play Movies & TV
  • Play Newsstand
  • Slides
  • Hangouts
  • Photos
  • Talkback
  • YouTube
  • Sound Search for Play Store
  • Maps
  • Sheets
  • Play Music
  • Play Games
  • NFC Tags
  • Keep
  • Drive
  • Clock
  • Google+

Download Gapps Full Package (519MB)

Gapps Mini Package:

This package is suitable for users who want the necessary Google Apps on their device. It includes the core services as well as the important Google apps like Play Store.

It has the following apps:

  • Play Store
  • Contacts Sync
  • Google Now Launcher
  • Search
  • Gmail
  • Search
  • Play Services
  • Services Framework
  • Calendar
  • Text to speech

Download Gapps Mini Package (279MB)

Gapps Micro Package:

This package is suitable for users who have low memory on their devices and they want only the most important apps and services which are needed for proper functionality of their devices.

It includes the following things:

  • Play Store
  • Play Services
  • Contacts & sync
  • Services & framework by Google
  • Calendar
  • Google Now Launcher
  • Play Services
  • Search
  • Text to speech
  • Gmail
  • Search

Download Gapps Mini Package (156MB)

Gapps Pico Package:

This package is suitable for people who want utmost necessary Google Apps and services which cannot be downloaded from Store. It is also suitable for low memory devices as it is less than 100MB in size. You can download rest of the apps from Google Play Store easily after installing this package.

It include the following apps:

  • Play Store
  • Play Services
  • Contacts Sync
  • Services Framework.

Download Gapps Pico Package (61MB)

If you are looking for Gapps for older versions of Android, head over to our Gapps section to download the Gapps for older Android versions including Android 5.1, 5.0, 4.4 and older.

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