Just imagine; you are waiting for honey message from the sweetheart, the sweetie asks you to come to the video call and – and you find your video chat interrupted, again and again just due to the speed issues, 3G/4G deficiencies or inappropriate signals. Here; will you throw your set to the hell, swear not pay the next bill or what?

Commonplace American thinks, rather narrowly, during the new phone deals and only overall dollar value attracts her/his attention. Consumers are, easily, lured up for some discounts and promotional packages, but after the decision, the sundry consumer, normally, repents the decision – mainly due to the carrier incapacitated service and the speed of the data communications. Here, comes testing companies like OpenSignal to help you to find some top spot in communications.

As revealed by OpenSignal in a US dedicated report, released Tuesday, the February 3, T-Mobile stands at top for the speed and responsiveness of its 3G network while the Verizon tops for the 4G Coverage. Both the communication giants share the 4G speed honors.Comparing-Phone-Carrriers AT&T, the second largest phone and communication carrier is left with no eminences in the track whereas the Sprint is among the rankers for responsiveness of its 4G network.

The source of data for the OpenSignal testing is the 180,000 participating people, downloading its app.

The average speed of the T-Mobile’s network appears to be 12.3 MB / S – a little above 12 MB / S currently being offered by Verizon. Due to the minute statistical issues, testing authority gave each the 4G speed ranking, noting that T-Mobile was at nearly edged Verizon in 11 largest cities under study.

Commenting on the story, T-Mobile declared that it was due to reason that the preceding year was the coverage growth year for them.

Verizon, contests the methodology of the test, referring previous statistical analyses that crowd-sourced data sound can mislead the outcome.

Sprint pointed to another report by Nielsen that displayed its speed the highest.

AT&T could not be contacted for the comments.

One More Conclusion

One more conclusion by OpenSignal was that US carriers, as a whole, are losing ground, globally, in LTE speed. The average speed in US is 9.9 MB / S while many carriers, on the other side of the globe, offer double the speed.

Source & Image: Cnet.com

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