When you have entered a lot of data in any cell of the spread sheet of Microsoft Excel 2016, it becomes almost difficult to edit that data. The better option is there to edit the same in formula bar. But, in default position, formula bar is just a slim horizontal cell with limited space to enter and edit data. Yet, you cannot edit the data or formula in it at one instance due to its default limited capacity of displaying the data.

In Microsoft Excel 2016, it is now easier to expand the formula bar so that you may display whole the data at a spot and may edit it at any point.

It is now easier but you feel any problem, just see the instructions, given below:


1: Enter any data in any cell of the spread sheet of Microsoft Excel 2016. FormulaBarExpansion-12: Just click or tap the cell which you want to edit in Formula Bar and see the cell will be highlighted and the data will also be displayed in Formula Bar. But, see the total data will not be displayed in formula bar.FormulaBarExpansion-2 3: To see the tail of the entered data, click / tap the End key at keyboard. It will display the last point of the data. Though, here you may start to edit the data but whole the data is not displayed in formula bar. FormulaBarExpansion-34: To display whole the data, just move the cursor on the lower cell line of the formula bar. A double edged arrow will appear while cursor is on lower line. Now, drag line downward with the help of cursor, while the double-edged arrow is alive.FormulaBarExpansion-45: You may expand the formula bar to any extend till your purpose is solved, i.e. the complete data or formula is displayed and is available for editing or doing the needful. FormulaBarExpansion-5After completion of the editing, you may drag the formula bar upward at the default position or at any other position liked by you.

That’s all!


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