Traditionally, the spread sheet of the Excel is set by columns and rows. Columns in Microsoft Excel 2016 are denoted by capital Alphabets, starting with ‘A’ and ending with ‘XFD’. On the other hand, rows in Microsoft Excel 2016 are counted in numeric, commencing with ‘1’ and ending on ‘1,048,576’ So, technically, you may pinpoint the location of any cell on the spread sheet in ‘ColumnRow’ where columns are identified by alphabet and the row is identified by numeric. For example, the location of any cell in spread sheet is pinpointed by ‘G9’ when it is in column ‘G’ and row ‘9’.RICI-Style-1Alternatively, you may identify location of any cell in ‘R1C1’ style, i.e. row ‘1’ and column ‘1’, making it easier to search the cell location. RICI-Style-2For example, if the cell is in rows 9 while the cell is in column 7, RICI style would display ‘R9C7’. For some users, this may look easier to understand.

You may also convert the reference style into spread sheet to RICI style but if you need any help, just see the instructions.


1: Click ‘File’ in the Tabs menu at the top of the window in Excel 2016. A popup menu will open down at the left of the window. RICI-Style-32: In the popup menu, click the ‘Options’ at the bottom of the popup menu. It will open up a popup window, named; ‘Excel Options’.RICI-Style-43: Click ‘Formula’ near the top of the left column of ‘Excel Options’ to set the options for the formula calculations. RICI-Style-54: In the right column, see the first option, ‘RICI reference style’ in the ‘Working with formulas’ is unchecked, i.e. not active currently.RICI-Style-65: Click the ‘RICI Reference style to activate and enable it.RICI-Style-6 6: Click ‘OK’ at right bottom of the popup window. It will take you instantly back to the main window. RICI-Style-7See, here, the reference style is change to ‘RICI’ style.

That’s all!

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