Among the four Home screen lock features, available in the Android operating system of your phone, one but with a little complication is ‘Pattern Lock’. It is a little tedious and confidential lock which is a little complicated to set and almost impossible to unlock without your approval. This proves to be an ideal and workable solution for the safety of Home screen of your Android phone.

To set the Pattern lock for the Home screen of your Android, follow the instructions – but do not forget to keep the Video Tutorial in view while going through the text tutorial.


Command Line: Settings > Lock screen – PERSONALIZATION > Screen security – GENERAL > Screen lock – SCREEN SECURITY > Choose screen lock: Pattern.

1: Tap the ‘Settings’ on the Home screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat phone to open up the Settings screen.

2: At the ‘Settings’ screen, tap the ‘Lock screen’ under PERSONALIZATION.

3: At the ‘Lock screen’ see the status of ‘Screen security’ under GENERAL. It is; ‘View or change lock screen security settings’.

4: Tap the ‘Screen security’ under the GENERAL.

5: At the ‘Screen security’ screen, see the status of ‘Screen lock’ under the SCREEN SECURITY is ‘None’.

6: Tap the ‘Screen lock’ under the GENERAL at the ‘Screen security’ screen.

7: At the ‘Choose screen lock’ screen, see the five different options to select from:

  • None – IT is the current status.
  • Slide
  • Pattern
  • PIN
  • Password

8: Tap the ‘Pattern’ to set and activate. It will offer four different difficulty levels of pattern choices: 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 & 6×6. You may select any difficulty level of pattern lock at your Android phone, depending upon your desire, need or choice.

9: For the convenience, I selected 4×4 difficulty level and tapped it. It will open up a screen where you may draw an unlock pattern.

10. At the next screen, you will be asked to ‘Draw an unlock pattern’ of your choice.

11: Tap and draw any pattern lock of your choice by connecting the dots, displayed on the screen.

12: If you connect less than four dots, Android will ask you ‘Connect at least 4 dots. Try again’.

13: Try once again and now connect at least four dots. See the status is changed to ‘Pattern recorded’. Now, tap ‘Continue’ button, given at the bottom right corner of the Android screen.

14: Here, you will be asked to ‘Draw pattern again to confirm’. Upon connecting the recorded pattern dots, the status will be; ‘Your new unlock pattern’.

15: Tap ‘Confirm’ button, given at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will activate your pattern lock on your Android phone.

16: See the status of ‘Screen lock’ under SCREEN SECURITY at the ‘Screen security’ screen is change to ‘Pattern’.

17: Now to check the pattern lock at your Android phone, sleep the phone and wake it up again with the help of Power button. See the Pattern lock is there to connect the recorded dots to wake the screen of Android phone.

18: Connect the recorded dots of pattern lock and get the Android phone awaken.

Now, feel your Android phone to be safe and secure but be sure to remember your pattern lock or you will, even yourself’ will not be able to unlock your Android phone.

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