The first thing, you must do immediately after acquiring an Android 4.4.4 KitKat phone is to set and activate its security, especially its Home screen security. This is essential for the safety of not only your phone but also the data saved in your Android phone. This is the first defense line, set by you for your phone. It will also save the accidental pressing of any of buttons of your Android phone while holding it casually or while putting it in your pocket or purse.

For the Home screen security, Android has introduced many features among them are:

  • Slider Lock
  • Pattern
  • PIN
  • Password

To activate the Slider Lock on your phone, follow the instructions – and yes, in use the video tutorial as well.


Command Line: Settings > Lock screen – PERSONALIZATION > Screen security – GENERAL > Choose screen lock – Slide.

1: Tap ‘Settings’ on the Home screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat phone. It will open up ‘Settings’ screen.

2: Tap the ‘Lock screen’ under the PERSONALIZATION at the ‘Settings’ screen of your Android phone.

3: At the ‘Lock screen’, see the status of ‘Screen security’ under GENERAL. It is; View or change lock screen security settings.

4: Tap the ‘Screen security’ under GENERAL.

5: See the status of ‘Screen lock’ under the SCREEN SECURITY. It is; None.

6: Tap it to change the ‘None’ status.

7: At the ‘Choose screen lock’ screen, tap the ‘Slide’. This will, instantly, take you back to the ‘Screen security’ screen. See the status of ‘Screen lock’ under SCREEN SECURITY is changed to ‘Slide’.

Now, you may check the ‘Slide’ of the lock screen by sleeping the Home screen of your phone and then waking up your phone. See the ‘Slider’ lock is activated and enabled.

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