The camera is a vital part of smartphones and other mobile devices. Other than calling and messaging, the third most important usage of the smartphone has been the capturing the snaps with its camera. You may feel the need of the camera at any time or at any moment. The moments to use the camera to capture and save the snaps of the person, event, occasion or thing are normally extremely short. Such moments are rare and occur for a very short time. So, to capture them, you need the quick action and quick opening of the camera. If the camera of your mobile is locked, unlocking may lose your very precious occasion. So, what you need is a camera which can be operated right from the lock screen.

To coop with the special need of the Android users, Android has added icon of the Camera app, right on the Lock Screen, i.e. you don’t need to unlock Home screen and may apply the camera right from the lock screen.

If you want to use the camera right from the lock screen of your Android smartphone, follow these instructions.


1: Wake up your Android smartphone with the Home button or the Power button.

2: See; the 3 icons; Camera app, Lock and Dialer App, are available at the bottom bar of the Lock Screen. Tap the icon of ‘Camera’ app.

Note: If only one icon of lock is available on the Lock Screen at the bottom of the screen, by default, you need to enable the ‘Shortcuts’ on the Lock Screen. To enable, tap to see ‘How to Enable Shortcuts on Lock Screen of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow‘?Marshmallow-Camera-Lock-Screen-12: Now, drag upward the icon of ‘Camera’ app. See; a white circular shade will move upward with the dragging of the icon.Marshmallow-Camera-Lock-Screen-23: After a little upward dragging, the ‘Lock Screen’ will be unlocked and disappeared and the ‘Camera’ app screen will open up.Marshmallow-Camera-Lock-Screen-3Now, you may apply the Camera as you wish.

That’s all!

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