When you are free from tiring important assignments and jobs, the first thing which is normally performed by an ordinary Android user is to check the incoming calls and messages. Normally, the most recent calls and messages are first sought.

Searching the most recent call(s) is an easy and just few taps task. You can easily search the most recent call by three taps. Just follow the instructions.


1: Tap the ‘Dialer’ app on the left corner of the Home screen of your Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow smartphone. It will open up ‘Dialer’ app screen.Marshmallow-Recent-Caller-12: At the ‘Dialer’ app screen, tap the ‘RECENTS’ button, at the middle of the screen. It will open up the ‘RECENTS’ record.Marshmallow-Recent-Caller-23: At the ‘RECENTS’ record, see the most recent call.Marshmallow-Recent-Caller-3That’s all!

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