IBM is on the newer track to introduce newer field of jobs by hiring the thousands of the veterans. i.e. ex-servicemen, to introduce ‘New Collar Jobs’. This plan is intended to get maximum benefit from the highly disciplined, highly & complicatedly skilled, faithful to nation, the extreme hardworking and the committed people who had the rich practical experience of decades in the most difficult fields of life.

IBM is currently engaged in the top secret, research, development and the manufacturing of the hi-fi equipment and the appliances of very complicated nature for the space adventures and the defense ranging from hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. What it needs is highly committed and loyal workforce to the company, the company projects, the national interests and the country as a whole, the ex-servicemen present the ideal working atmosphere. They bring with them the highly disciplined work ethics along with the strong communication skills; the most admired by the IBM.

The most important benefit of hiring the veterans to IBM will be less time and efforts required to check their background, such as, the education, work experience, the training, general behavior and even the loyalty level as the typical background is provided by the most authentic institution of the nation or even the World, i.e. Pentagon.

A typical United States corporate culture has the tradition of frequent change over of the employees from one company to the other and so on which creates heavy financial drain for the companies which incurs a lot upon their training and grooming. This tendency is even higher in the workforce which is college graduate and is highly skilled and experienced. But, if the IBM hires the people with no formal college education but with long span of varied experience, the employees may tend to stay for a longer periods. As they will be aware of their deficiency of college education background, they may tend to remain in the same organization than moving to other organization where they might not be welcomed and may not get the equivalent financial benefits.

The typical problem of the training and development for the veterans is also easier as the veterans are more intelligent and after spending a lot of time in all types of tedious training and development activities, they are prone to the training and digest the training activities, quickly and comfortably. They may accept and mold their behavior in the new environment after the highly technical and rather complex technical training.

The Process of Recruitment for New Collar Jobs is already Started

To develop a culture of new collar job, a unique recruitment program has been adopted. For the purpose, IBM has started to provide the training sessions to the ex-servicemen, around the United States under IBM i2 Analyst Notebook in which they are trained to use software. After the successful completion of the training session, they are assisted and offered to join the IBM from ‘Corporate America Supports You’ program; a non-profit institution. Since now, 500 ex-servicemen have already been typically trained, at the said program, and have joined IBM.

This is the best approach to absorb the veterans, the national heroes, in an honorable way into the national stream after they have contributed their best and prime time in the service of the nation. It is hoped that the IBM will make this an example to work with for the rest of the corporate America.

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