Being in the continuous stage of the continuous improvement – Kaizen, the Windows 10, like all other desktop or mobile operating systems, is endeavoring its best to make this a bug-free operating system. Due to rapid changes and developments in the software and the other system apps, the need to update the operating system and the other system apps is increasing day by day. If the due timely developments in the operating systems are not done in the operating systems, the system apps, or the interacting environmental apps may cause the stem operating system to halt.

To their specific nature, the modern era smartphones cannot work in isolation and are Internet thirsty. They consume the high-priced Internet to great extent even without the knowledge of the user. The major usage of their Internet is for the updates of the operating systems and the other operating apps. The huge drain of the Internet is heavy burden upon the metered-connections as the resulting bill may be equally huge burden for the mobile or the desktop device users.

This is the reason that the most of the current operating systems ask for the permission of the user to update the OS or the system apps. Like the current practice, the Windows has also being asking for the permissions of the users to update the OS from the Internet upon the metered connections. But, in past, some of the Windows users upon the metered-connections were reluctant to allow such permission, thinking this to be unnecessary for their software, causing working deficiency in the Windows.

So, the Microsoft has decided to push down some of the necessary and crucial updates even without the permission of the users and even on the metered-connections. For the purpose, the Windows has changed its language on the setting for the updates info by saying that we will download such updates without your permission which are necessary for the smooth running of the Windows 10. With effect from current week, Microsoft will start pushing the forced crucial updates in the Build 15058.

For the purpose, the Windows 10 will even ignore your instructions for the download of the updates. But, for the purpose, the Windows will do the necessary downloads, crucial fixes and updates when your device is scheduled to be inactive.

Source: Winsupersite

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