When a new Windows Form is created upon the Visual Studio 2015, it is of a default size. But, you may need a form a bit larger than the default size in order to write codes in the form. There are two methods to resize the Windows Form and I will describe both the methods in step by step tutorial, give below:

Step By Step Tutorial

1: Click the open ‘Windows Form’ to highlight it. It would open up the ‘Properties’ of the open ‘Windows Form’ in the right column of the screen.

2: In the ‘Properties’ in the right side column, see the default size of form is 300,300 pixels.

2a: Now, you may either move the cursor to the corner or sides of the open Windows Form, press the left side button of the mouse and drag the corner or side walls of the Windows Forms to resize it to any desire size. There, just leave the button and the Windows Form will be resized.

3: Alternatively, if want the exact and accurate resizing of the Windows Form, click the ‘Size’ in the ‘Properties’ column to highlight it.

4: See; the color of the highlighted ‘Size’ in the properties will be changed to blue.

5: Now, click the default size of the Windows Form, which is currently 300,300 Pixels, and with the help of the keyboard, convert the default size of the Windows Form into the new desired or required size.

6: See; now, the size of the Windows Form has been changed to the 500,500 Pixels or as per your desired size.

7: Also see; the Windows Form has also been changed in visual appearance.

Stay Tuned: For the further tips for programing in the Windows Forms and at the C# platform.

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