When you are at the verge of the programming in the Windows Forms, applying the C# platform, what you need, as a good programmer, to designate or name different parts of the software as per the needs, requirements and the specific nature of the software. Similarly, you may need to rename the different forms in order to make them convenient to call and use them during the program codding. As the default name of any Windows Form starts with the name ‘Form’ and with extension of some numeric, you must rename them as per the nature of the software under development.

The changing or renaming the forms has been made as the easier process in the Windows Forms. But, if you need some guidance, don’t hesitate to see our step by step tutorial, placed below:

Step By Step Tutorial

1: When Form1.cs Design is active upon the ‘Solution Explorer’, available in the right column of the screen, see the name of the active Windows Form is ‘Form1’.2: But, you may need to change the name of the ‘Form1’ while programing at the C# platform, you need to highlight the ‘Form1’ in the ‘Form1.cs Design by clicking the form. It will also highlight the ‘Properties’ of the ‘Form1’.

3: See; the name of the open Windows Form is ‘Form1’.4: To change the name of the form, just click the ‘Name’ which will be highlighted as blue.

5: Now, to change the name of the Windows Form, click the name ‘Form1’ with click and then change the name by using the keyboard as per your desire. I change the name of the ‘Form1’ as ‘StartScreen’ but you may change the name as per your programing requirements. After changing the name of the Windows Form, press ‘Enter’.

6: With the change in the name of the Windows Form in the ‘Properties’ section, see the name of the form is also changed in the ‘Solution Explorer’ as well.

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