The battery usage is the major problem and issue in any computer and particularly the laptops. The major drain of the battery in laptops is done by the display of screen. It is always a wise idea to turn off the display of the laptop whenever it is not in use or is not needed for the working.

So, it is better to set the display of the laptop to turn off when it is not in use for a while, i.e. for few minutes or hours. Understanding the importance of the laptop and Windows 10 users, Microsoft has added a feature in the Windows 10 which may be opted to turn off the display of the screen of laptop after a set time.

This is just the few step process but if you need help, just go through the tutorial.


Command Line: Right click Battery icon > Choose when to turn off the display – Power Options > Select ‘Turn Off the Display’ Time ‘On Battery’ / ‘While Plugged In’ > Save changes.

If you cannot understand the Command Line, it is suggested you to follow the step by step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

1: Right click or tap the ‘Battery’ icon, placed in the ‘Notification Area’ of the Windows 10 desktop. It will open up the Power Options – ‘Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Power Options.

2: At the ‘Power Options’, ‘Choose when to turn off the display’ to open up the ‘Edit Plan Settings’ – ‘Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings’

3: At the ‘Edit Plan Settings’ screen, see’ the current status of ‘Turn off display’ is ‘5 Minutes’, i.e. the time after which the display will be turned off is ‘5 Minutes’.

4: To change the current status of the ‘Turn off display’, click it and it will open up a downward popup menu. In this popup menu, select the time to turn off display. I selected ‘1 Minute’ and clicked it.

5: See; the new time to turn off display is ‘1 Minute’.

6: To save the new settings for the future usage, just click or tap the ‘Save changes’ button, placed at the bottom of the screen.From now onward, the computer or laptop display will turn off whenever the computer is not in use and without working upon it.

That’s all!

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