Sometimes, images are required in different postures – other than the original ones. You may flip the images and may select the appropriate one for the purpose. Android has a specific feature – Filters – which may be used for the editing of the image. You may flip the image as if it is seen in mirror.

You may get the image flipped with the help of the filters tools. If you need any help, feel free to get the help from instructions.


Get the image, which you want to edit, with the help of the Command Line.

Command Line to Open the Desired Image: Command Line: Gallery – Home > Albums – Gallery > Image – Albums.

1: Tap the image anywhere on the image screen and the ‘Filters’ button, placed at the bottom left corner of the screen, will become visible. KitKat-Flip-Image-Mirror-12: Tap the ‘Filters’ button to open the filters tool bar.KitKat-Flip-Image-Mirror-23: Tap the ‘Crop’ tools button. KitKat-Flip-Image-Mirror-34: Tap the ‘Mirror’ tool bar, once, and see the image is flipped as if it is seen in the mirror. Similarly, further tapping the ‘Mirror’ button will continue to flip the image after each tap. KitKat-Flip-Image-Mirror-4

KitKat-Flip-Image-Mirror-5KitKat-Flip-Image-Mirror-65: If you want to undo the change in the position, tap the ‘UNDO’ button, placed at the center of the screen, immediately above the image but below the status bar.

5: This tool offers 3 different flip positions. If you like any flip position, just tap the ‘SAVE’, placed at the top left corner of the screen.  KitKat-Flip-Image-Mirror-7 KitKat-Flip-Image-Mirror-8That’s all!

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