Sometimes, images are required to be rotated in some other direction, in order to apply them anywhere for any purpose. Though there are more than one features in Android 4.4.4 KitKat to rotate the images but this one is the most appropriate one.

The addition of the filters in Android 4.4.4 KitKat to edit the images is a unique feature and is the most convenient feature. You can also apply filters to rotate the images, as per your need and / or requirements. If you feel any need, please do see the instructions for the guidance.


Follow the Command Line to open the target image.

Command Line to Open up the Target Image: Gallery – Home screen > Album – Gallery > Image / Photo – Album.

1: Tap the image anywhere and the ‘Filters’ button will become visible. KitKat-Image-Rotate-12: Tap the ‘Filters’ button. It will open up the filters tool bar. KitKat-Image-Rotate-23: At the ‘Filters’ tool bar, tap the ‘Crop’ tools. It will open up many tools, related to the cropping and other related editing. KitKat-Image-Rotate-3

KitKat-Image-Rotate-44: Tap the ‘Rotate’ tool once and the image will rotate 90 degree clockwise. KitKat-Image-Rotate-55: Similarly, continue to tap the ‘Rotate’ tool and after every tap, the image will rotate clockwise. After 4 taps, the image will also become straight to the original position.

6: If you want to undo any change, tap the ‘Undo’ button, placed at the middle of the bar, above the image, but below the status bar. KitKat-Image-Rotate-77: At any stage, if you think the position of the image, rotated, suits to your need, tap the ‘SAVE’ button, placed at the top left corner of the screen, immediately below the status bar. KitKat-Image-Rotate-7

KitKat-Image-Rotate-8That’s all!

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