Selfie, a new art of self–photography, is rapidly replacing normal photography for the self–projection. It is a fun as well an art to present oneself for snap in mobile phone which have the front camera though some experts are also applying the back end cameras as well for the purpose.

A problems, some naïve users face in selfies is that it is difficult to keep the snap straight. To keep your arms straight is a difficult task while taking the selfies which is found in majority of the selfies. Understanding the difficulty of the phone camera users, Android has introduced a feature to straighten the image to some extend during the process of image editing.

It is easy to straighten the image but if you need, you may see the instructions.


Command Line to Open up the Target Image: Gallery > Album – Gallery > Image.

1: Tap the image screen, anywhere, and the ‘Filter’ button will become visible. Tap the ‘Filter’ button and it will open up tools of editing. KitKat-Selfie-Straighten-12: At the filters bar, tap the ‘Crop’ tool. It will open up the cropping tools, placed in film view. Tap the ‘Straighten’ tool which is second from the left. It will open the image in a cropping environment. KitKat-Selfie-Straighten-23: Tap anywhere on the image and twist the image to right or left. KitKat-Selfie-Straighten-34: When I twisted the image to the rightward direction, it was straighten, but within the canvas of the image. Though some of the space around was lost but the image straightened to some extent. When you feel the image is straightened up to your satisfaction, tap the ‘APPLY’ button, placed in the tool bar, at the bottom of the screen. It will crop your image and will present the picture in a relatively straighter way. KitKat-Selfie-Straighten-45: If you think this is comparatively straighter image, you may tap the ‘SAVE’ button, placed at the top left of the screen, immediately below the status bar. KitKat-Selfie-Straighten-5If you do not like the image and want to revert back to the original position, tap the ‘Undo’ button. It will revert your image to original state. KitKat-Selfie-Straighten-6That’s all!

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