Whenever an image or photo is edited, the unnecessary parts are cropped to make it more presentable. It is necessary to prepare and edit the image for the purpose for which it is being prepare. Keeping the importance of the cropping, a specific feature has been added in the Android 4.4.4 KitKat which makes the cropping, rather fun.

Now, you may crop the images at your own but if you feel any problem, do see the instructions.


Command Line to Open up the Target Image: Gallery > Album – Gallery > Image.

1: Tap anywhere on the screen of image and ‘Filters’ button will become visible. Tap it to open up the filter bar. KitKat-Image-Crop-42: Tap the ‘Crop’ button on the filter at the filters tool bar of the image screen. See the many editing tools will appear in the film view. Tap the first one, i.e. ‘Crop’. KitKat-Image-Crop-53: See 2 prominent tools will appear:

  • A popup menu prompt, named; ‘CROP’ will appear at the bottom of the screen, replacing the previous film view of tools.
  • Four controls will appear along the four bordering line of the image.

KitKat-Image-Crop-74: Tap the popup menu prompt, ‘CROP’. It will open up a popup menu with 6 different ratios:

  • 1:1
  • 4:3
  • 3:4
  • 5:7
  • 7:5
  • None
  • Original

KitKat-Image-Crop-85: Tap 1:1 which means 1 size width and 1 size height.

6: See the change in the image dimensions. If you want to move the cropped image, upward or downward, tap and drag the image with your finger as desired. KitKat-Image-Crop-97: Similarly, if you want to crop the image in 4:3 ratio, tap 4:3 and new crop size will change, accordingly. KitKat-Image-Crop-118: If you want to move the cropped image to upward or down, before final decision, you may drag the image with the movement of your finger to any direction. Similarly, you may move any corner of the image by tapping the control a dragging the control to the direction of your choice to make it fit for the crop.  KitKat-Image-Crop-139: After the final editing, tap ‘CROP’ and the image will be cropped. KitKat-Image-Crop-1510: Now, tap the ‘SAVE’ to save the image, after cropping, for future use. KitKat-Image-Crop-16

KitKat-Image-Crop-17That’s all!

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