Bluetooth on Android 4.4 Kitkat devices can easily be renamed to your desires but, by default, Bluetooth visibility on your devices is set to timeout after few seconds. But, if you are a frequent Bluetooth user and want your phone’s Bluetooth to be always visible then, you might want to change the visibility of your device to permanent.

Setting your Android kitkat phone to always visible using Bluetooth is very easy and takes seconds. You just have to toggle the desired option and your phone will be set to permanently visible.

Simply follow the instructions below to configure the visibility of your Kitkat devices’ visibility.


  • First of all, open up ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Bluetooth’ and turn it ‘on’ by moving the slider switch to right.


  • Once turned on, you will see your device’s name with the visibility status just below it. Press it to change visibility status from ‘Not visible to other Bluetooth devices’ to ‘Visible to all nearby Bluetooth device.

Note: If you see time with the visibility status and want to turn it off then open options by pressing menu key or ‘three dots’. Select ‘visibility timeout’ and then ‘Never time out’.


  • Now, your device won’t timeout and it would be visible all the time when Bluetooth is on.
  • That’s all!

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