Decisions to add more apps and software are mainly affected by the availability of free space. It is always a good idea to keep on checking the storage in hard drive due to reason that more and more free storage may cause your Windows to perform better and quickly. In addition, whenever you feel need to install some important app or software, low storage space my hinder in the process.


See a Video of ‘YouTube’, our partner channel, to check and see the used and available space in different drives of PC hard drive. Please do read the captions as they explain step by step instructions.

If there is shortage of storage space, you may like to get uninstalled some of the unnecessary apps to get free space for the new installations. Sometimes, you feel need to install some apps for a specific purpose. After completion of that purpose, you must uninstall that app. Games are such an example as they occupy a lot of space but after playing for a few times, they lose attraction and need is felt to uninstall them.

App are installed, by default, in ‘C Drive’ of your PC hard drive. But, you may decide to change the installation destination at the time of installation.

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