The very first preview of Windows 10, as seen by a new user, is the desktop where wallpaper welcomes the new user. Though very attractive and thought provoking wallpapers are added by the Microsoft in the gallery of Windows 10 but yet aesthetic sense of the individual users is always distinct. So, naturally, new user may like to change the wallpaper, as per her/his choice, likes, dislikes, desire or specific requirements.

Like previous versions of Windows, Microsoft has added specific and easy to use mechanism to change the wallpaper. You may open up the interface either directly from the desktop or from the Command Line: Start > Settings > Personalize – where you may change the wallpaper. From desktop, press right button of mouse to open up a popup menu and press Personalize in the popup menu to open up the Personalize screen.

If the wallpapers in the Gallery do not appeal to your taste, no problem; just search the saved pictures in your PC and select a good picture, as per your taste, and affix it on the desktop of your PC as Wallpaper.

Techlineup, our partner channel at YouTube has prepared a video tutorial in which you may see step by step instructions about the change of wallpaper for the desktop of your new Windows 10. See it in detail as it will explain each and every step in this very first function of your Windows 10 operations.


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