With the increase of contacts in the phone book of your Android 6.0.x Marshmallow smartphones and devices, it becomes increasingly difficult to search, manually, for some specific contacts. Here, the need to designate some contacts as ‘special ones’ appears. You may get some of the daily and frequent callers as favorite one. These special contacts, called favorites, are displayed right on the ‘Dialer’ app screen. From here, you may select and call any of the favorite caller.

Android has a special feature in which it can mark some of the contacts as favorite ones and can display them on the screen of the Dialer app.

You may also do so, easily, but if you feel any problem, just see the instructions.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Dialer’ app at the bottom left corner of your Android 6.0.x Marshmallow smartphones and devices to open up the ‘Dialer’ app screen.MarshmallowFavoriteContact-12: At the ‘Dialer’ app screen, tap the 3-digit settings button on the top right corner of the any contact. It will open up the interface of the contact.MarshmallowFavoriteContact-23: At the interface of the contact, see a star with ‘outline’ of white lines is seen in the center of the bar which is at the top of the screen but immediately below the status bar. The empty image of the star with white outline is indicating that the contacts is not in the favorite contacts.

A tool tip is there to inform us that if you want to add this contact to the favorite one, tap this star.MarshmallowFavoriteContact-34: To verify the inclusion of the contact in the favorite ones, go back to the ‘Dialer’ app screen. See; the contact is without the white star on the bottom right corner, indicating that the contact is not marked as the favorite. MarshmallowFavoriteContact-25: Back to the interface of the specific contact -tap the empty star with white outline. It will be changed to a star which is filled with white color.

Now, the tool tip will ask us to tap it if you want to remove it from the favorites.MarshmallowFavoriteContact-46: Back to the ‘Dialer’ app screen. See a star is added at the bottom right corner of the contact, indicating that the contact has been added to the favorites in the phone book.MarshmallowFavoriteContact-5Similarly, you may add other contacts at the ‘Dialer’ app screen as favorite ones.

That’s all!

3 thoughts on “How to Set Favorite Contact in Android 6.0.x Marshmallow Devices?

  1. Jorginho says:

    It doesn’t work for me at all, there’s no such “contact button with three lines”; Marshmallow totally messed the favorites up, I’m seriously disliking this damn update. I have a favorites tab, but unlike the previous version of the OS, there’s no longer an empty star for the contacts in your address book, thus there’s no way of adding them anymore to your favs, unless I save them to my “device” rather than on Google or my SIM card, which is total nonsense.

  2. Peterg123 says:

    Does not work. I tap the dialler, I tap the 3 dots..no such “search contacts” appears. In fact it’s impossible to seartch for a contact in Marshmellow on my brand new THC 830. Imagine…no ability to serach for a contact and no alphabet bar so if you are looking for someone named T.. you have to manually scroll every contact from A… incredible idiocy! Who are these idiots paid millions at Google to screw up every
    few years everything that’s working fine?

  3. Peterg123 says:

    In fact I cant find any contact at all on Marshmellow..just the dialler WTF have they put such a basic simple app?

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