If you are a busy person yet can’t afford to miss a single incoming call, it is a good idea to apply a feature of call waiting. If you have activated this feature, you will be informed of the incoming call even during the ongoing conversation with some other caller. Now, it is your choice to attend the call if it is important caller or dismiss it till the availability of the time at the end of the current call.

You can activate this feature with just few taps but if you are facing some problems in understanding the activation process, just see the instructions.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Dialer’ app at the bottom left corner of the Home screen of your Android 6.0.x Marshmallow smartphone and devices to open up the ‘Dialer’ app screen.MarshmallowCallWaiting-12: At the ‘Dialer’ app screen, tap the 3-digit screen, placed at the top right corner of the screen but immediately below the status bar, to open up a popup menu.MarshmallowCallWaiting-23: Tap ‘Settings’ at the popup menu.MarshmallowCallWaiting-34: At the ‘Settings’ app screen, tap the ‘Calls’.MarshmallowCallWaiting-45: At the ‘Call settings’ screen, tap the ‘Additional settings’ and it will update your settings.MarshmallowCallWaiting-5

MarshmallowCallWaiting-76: See; the ‘Call waiting’ is not checked, i.e. not enabled and activated.MarshmallowCallWaiting-87: Tap the ‘Call waiting’ if you want to be notified of the incoming calls during the ongoing conversations.MarshmallowCallWaiting-9Now, whenever you are on line with other caller, OS will inform you of any incoming call.

That’s all!

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