To avoid excessive Internet usage, resulting in extreme phone carrier’s bill, it is better to set the appropriate and conservative limits to the Internet usage and warning limits. For the limited usage connections, excessive usage may result in earlier usage of whole the available data limits while on the billed connections, excessive and lavish usage may cause the huge bill from the Internet service provider.

Setting limits may not only warn you when your data usage has reached at dangerous limit but also can save a reasonable Internet data before you receive the message that you have crossed the limits and your Internet service is terminated till the payment of the bills.

It is easy to set the limits provided you follow the instructions.


Command Line: Settings – Home > Data usage – WIRELESS & NETWORKS.

1: Follow the Command Line to open up the ‘Data usage’ screen.

2: At the ‘Data usage’ screen, be sure that:

  • Mobile data is ON.
  • Set mobile data limit is checked and enabled.
  • Data usage cycle is current period.

3: See here that the starting date is Oct 31 while the data usage at starting and closing dates are at 0.00 as measured by your device. KitKat-DataUsageLimit-14: Set the starting date as Nov 1 while the warning date is set as Nov 25, i.e. Nov 1 – 25. It is better to set the warning date, conservatively, to save you good time and usage for the rainy days. You may set the starting or warning date as liked by you. KitKat-DataUsageLimit-25: To set the total Internet data usage, double tap the limit which is 9.00 GB at present. It will open up a prompt where you can set the total data limit with the help of numerical keyboard, given at the bottom of the screen. KitKat-DataUsageLimit-36: I set my limit as 10,000 MB (10 GB) and tapped ‘Set’ to save. It will take you back to the ‘Data usage’ screen. See the data usage limit is set as 10GB. KitKat-DataUsageLimit-4

KitKat-DataUsageLimit-57: Alternatively, you may set the limiting line – here it is red line – by tapping and dragging the upper limit to the required level.

8: Tap and drag the warning line – here it is yellow – to raise it to the warning limit as set by you. I set the warning limit to 8.00 GB. KitKat-DataUsageLimit-6Now, when you will receive the warning when your usage will reach 8 GB.

You may set your limits ass desired or required by you.

That’s all!

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