One of the basic principles of Queen’s English language is to, always, capitalize the first word of sentence. This helps the reader not only to understand the meaning of the sentence but also separates the previous sentence from the next one. Keeping this need of the English users of Google and Android, both the companies have added the feature of capitalizing the first word of sentence in their respective software for your Android device.

Note: Before activating the ‘Auto – Capitalization’ feature in your Android device, ensure that Google Keyboard’ is downloaded and installed in your Android device.

To activate this feature in your Android device, follow the instructions.


Command Line: Settings – Home > Language & input – PERSONAL > Language & input Screen > Android Keyboard (AOSP).

For Android Keyboard

1: Follow the Command Line to open up the ‘Language & input’ screen.

2: See the status of Android Keyboard (AOSP) and Google Keyboard. If they are checked, i.e. enabled & activated, the ‘Settings’ button given against them are also enabled. KitKat-AutoCapitalization-13: Tap the ‘Android Keyboard Settings’ button, given against the ‘Android Keyboard (AOSP)’. It will take you to the ‘Android Keyboard Settings’ screen.

4: See the status of the ‘Auto – capitalization’ is not checked (in many devices, this feature is checked, by default). KitKat-AutoCapitalization-2

5: Tap the ‘Auto – capitalization’ to check it, i.e. enable it (activate). KitKat-AutoCapitalization-36: Now, when you will start writing the messages on your Android device with Android Keyboard, you will find all the alphabets of keyboard, given at the bottom of the screen, capitalized. KitKat-AutoCapitalization-4

7: Just write any one alphabet (I wrote ‘I’) and after tapping space bar, all the alphabets of the keyboard will be changed to the small capped alphabets. Now, you may write the remaining sentence, as usual. But, after Full Stop (.), you will find all the alphabets of the keyboard to be changed to ‘capitalized’, again. KitKat-AutoCapitalization-5For Google Keyboard

There is just one difference between the Command Lines. To activate ‘Auto – capitalization’ on Google Keyboard, follow the Command Line, given as here:

Command Line: Settings – Home > Language & input – PERSONAL > Language & input Screen: Google Keyboard – Settings > Preferences.

That’s all!

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