I am astonished to note that almost 3 million users are talking about taking selfies with Candy Camera due to Candy Camera’s beautifying filters and silent mode. Still more than 7 million users of the Candy Camera are so satisfied with the specific features of the Candy Camera that they recommend you not to miss out the amazing filters of the Candy Camera.

When I applied the filters, built in the Candy Camera, for selfies, it was revealed that:

  • Developers take special care to add a large and diverse range of filters which are excellently designed for taking selfies.
  • The selfies, taken with Candy Camera, will make your skin look smoother, shining, rather amazing.
  • It is easier to change the different filters by simply swiping left and right while taking the selfies.
  • The users are of the view that if you are searching the best beautifying filters to make your selfie a marvelous one, these are available in the Candy Camera.
  • You don’t need to panic about the filters as they are displayed in real-time while taking the selfie.
  • The success of the Candy Camera is evident by the output of the selfie which makes you the most beautiful.

There are different Beauty Functions, available in the Candy Camera, which are as under:

Beauty Functions

To make your selfie ultimate beauty, you may apply any of the following functions for the selfies with Candy Camera:

  • A specific feature in the Candy Camera is that there are many editing features in addition to built-in filters. If you are not satisfied with the filters, you may further edit your selfies with these editing tools.
  • Some of the cosmetic tools and functions, available in the Candy Camera, are:
    • Slimming
    • Whitening
    • Concealer
    • Lipstick
    • Blush
    • Eyeliner
    • Mascara

If still you want some more additions to your selfie, you may add one of the following huge collection of the Candy Camera make-up stickers as an additional touch to your selfies.


  • Different stickers are available for different season, occasion even for the different or prevailing trends.
  • Keeping in view the trend, season or the fashion, Candy Camera keeps adding newer stickers with every update.
  • Cute and artistic stickers for the selfies are our specialty.
  • Each sticker can be resized and even moved within the selfie by a simple multi-touch with fingers.

Silent Camera

Silent camera is our one more feature which can be applied while taking selfies, snapshots or photography, silently, without informing others around you. This feature is available for any occasion making you confident that the selfie can be taken, silently.


If you are taking the selfies for your collection, you may find these features most interesting:

  • You may take many and multiple selfies for the collection or the collage.
  • Many different grids, styles, layouts and arrangements are available for the management of the collage.
  • It is better to take the selfies with collage mode of the Candy Camera to avoid the time wasted in the collage arrangement.

What is New After February 2017 Update?

After the update of the Candy Camera app for the Android devices, the following updates / changes are made in the last version of the Candy Camera for Selfies:

  • Now, you may take unlimited length of video and with filters.
  • One more mode; Beauty mode, has been added to make the selfies near to perfect.
  • Now, you may apply the expanded beauty functions, such as, making legs longer, bigger eyes and so on.
  • A more convenient interface to make usage easier during the selfie taking.
  • A real-time photo guide has been added for the profile images and social media.
  • Sticker, frames and light effects have been merged into Deco.
  • Now you may take a skin-correcting filter on top of any filter you want.

Technical Information

  • Last Technical Update: February 10, 2017
  • Size: It varies with device, brand and model
  • Total downloads and Installs till now: 100,000,000 to 500,000,000
  • Current Version of the App: It still varies with device, brand and model
  • Required Version of Android: Again it varies with device, brand and model
  • Developed and Offered for Sale By: JP Brothers, Inc.
  • Developer Email: Email candygirl@jp-brothers.com  

Source: Candy Girl

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