A significant power option, available in the Windows 10 and all other previous Windows operating systems, is to shutdown Windows session, abruptly, without saving any current document, the running application or software. This is just easy; just press the power button for a while and keep it there for few seconds, such as, for 3 to 7 seconds (depending upon the configuration of the computer or the laptop). And the Windows device (computer or laptop) will be shutdown.

Caution: This option is very dangerous as it may damage your Windows OS, other running apps or the open documents. This abrupt shutdown may damage or make the operating system, apps or documents corrupt. Sometimes, the documents may become corrupt to the level beyond repair. So, don’t apply this option if you are naïve in the operating system or inexperienced. This is simply for the emergency and for the experts only while uploading, configuring or repairing the Windows OS.

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