Vibrate along with the ringtone feature in Android devices plays an important role when the Android user is working in the noisy environment. When a call is received, either ringtone or vibrate or both may inform the Android users about the coming call. If a user cannot listen the sound of ringtone due to noisy environment, she / he may feel the vibration of the Android informing her / him about the incoming call. Android has a feature, which when applied, can enable either of these to inform about the incoming call:

  • Ringtone Sound
  • Vibrate
  • Ringtone + Vibrate
  • None

You may select any of the above mentioned features to inform Android users about the incoming call but if you feel any need, feel free to see the instructions.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Phone Dialer’ app on the Home screen of your Android 5.1 Lollipop devices to open up the ‘Phone Dialer’ app screen.LollipopCallVibrate-12: At the ‘Phone Dialer’ screen, tap the settings button, placed on the top right corner of the screen. It will open up a popup menu.LollipopCallVibrate-23: Tap the ‘Settings’ in the popup menu.LollipopCallVibrate-34: Tap the ‘General’ at the ‘Settings’ screen. LollipopCallVibrate-45: At the ‘General’ screen, see ‘Also vibrate for calls’ in the ‘Sounds and vibrate’ section is not checked, i.e. not enabled.LollipopCallVibrate-56: If you want to enable the vibrate feature along with ringtones, tap the ‘Also vibrate for calls’ to check and enable. LollipopCallVibrate-6Now, upon receiving the incoming call, the user will listen not only the sound of ringtone but also feel the vibration of Android device.

That’s all!

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