Among the tough schedules and tense educational environment, secret to success in college life depends upon a wise planning, its strict implementation and maintaining a strict controls on the outcome. Unavoidable delays may be in some of the college activities but the best advice is to cover up the delays or deficiencies. Otherwise penalties may be in shape of wastage of gold-like treasure of time and even the gold-like dollars.

The best suggestions are not to run like mad but to walk cautiously, with planning, and achieve the goals very in time. This can be achieved only and only with strict schedules and their implementations.

Keeping the problems of college students, Microsoft has developed many template which are operational in the Microsoft Office Excel. You may download any of the template from the site of Microsoft and may run in the Office environment. These are easy to understand and run and an ordinary student can work on them, quiet easily.

These 19 Microsoft Excel templates fall in the College tools category.

College Course Manager

This template can do following things, all in one, for college students during the college life:

  • Keeping your day to day normal schedule
  • Prepare book list
  • Prepare, record and track credits and GPA
  • Management of overall budget while in college.

College Course ManagerDownload Link: College Course Manager

Roommate Organizer

This is a template for the students living in the dormitories and who have to keep the finance and other affairs record while living with other roommates. With this template, you may do:

  • Prepare and work out a budget with your roommates
  • Prepare schedules for day to day common responsibilities and chores
  • Purchase of household grocery and other goods of general usage while remaining in the room / flat / dormitories
  • Keep record of each expense, amount, name of the person who has paid and for whom this amount is paid – and you may add detailed notes, if these are other than the details mentioned.

Roommate OrganizerDownload Link: Roommate Organizer

Academic Calendar

In this template, you can keep record of:

  • Whole the year
  • Monthly or even daily track of the coming or gone activities can be recoded
  • Just write the year in the template and the dates will be set, automatically.

Academic calendarDownload Link: Academic Calendar

Student Calendar

As it is easy and possible to prepare the yearly planning and recording of activities, you may apply this template for whole the year.

  • You can use this template to plan for the year, month or even week
  • Even hourly planning can also be done, such as, class timing, assignments and dates.

Student calendarDownload Link: Student Calendar

My College Budget

The best advice for the college students is to remain within financial limits, i.e. between your income and expenses. When income is mentioned, the template will tell your deviation from your given income and your net expenses. Then template will tell you:

  • How much of your income is spent
  • What are your monthly expenses
  • How much income you have spent
  • All the income and expenses, along with percentage, and balance is displayed even with graphs.

My college budgetDownload Link: My College Budget

College Loan Calculator

This template gives you a clear picture of the loan standing against a student. You may enter following details in it:

  • Your estimated annual salary
  • You current monthly payment of loan
  • Your monthly income
  • What percentage of income you pay for the loan payment
  • Details of lender(s)
  • Loan amount due to each lender(s)
  • Annual interest rate
  • Beginning date
  • Current loan
  • After your graduation how much time it will take you to repay the loan.

College loan calculatorDownload Link: College Loan Calculator

College Credit Planner

Every student must plan wise at the start of every semester. Following is required to enter in the template to keep track of the credit planning:

  • How much is needed?
  • How much more time you require to complete the required credits to earn your degree?

College credit plannerDownload Link: College Credit Planner

Assignment Planner

A major part of the time spent in college is spent in preparing assignments. It is even difficult to keep record of the assignment, related course, the instructor, their submission deadlines and many other dates.

Adding some of the details in this template can make it easy to complete the assignments, in time.Assignment plannerDownload Link: Assignment Planner

Weekly College Schedule

This is, in fact, a college time planner in which you can:

  • Prepare your weekly time schedule with high priority, medium priority or low priority.
  • Planning on the day to day basis
  • Not only the class wise plan but also evening time plan for the study group, evening tea, etc.

Weekly college scheduleDownload Link: Weekly College Schedule

Assignment Schedule

This assignment schedule can be used by the instructor as well as she / he can assign different projects to different team members / groups and can assign different dates to them for the completion of the project. Then you can set the assignment due date. In addition to the display of the due date, the progress bars are also available to keep visual track.

Student scheduleDownload Link: Assignment Schedule

Student Schedule

It is a good piece of advice to prepare a plan for the school day time, so that you may keep your pace accordingly. If this schedule is wisely prepared and followed, you can save a lot of time of your college year.

Student scheduleDownload Link: Student Schedule

Semester at a Glance

With this template, you may prepare a map for the four month period for all the courses. You may add following details:

  • Course ID
  • Name of the course
  • Lecture day
  • Period time
  • Assignment schedule
  • Assignment submission date

Semester at a glanceDownload Link: Semester at a Glance

Homework Schedule

You may use this template to enter each home work details, whenever the home work is assigned and its submission is due with some dead line.

Homework scheduleDownload Link: Homework Schedule

Student Calendar (Mon)

Again, this template is prepared to record and plan for classes and assignments for whole the year, on monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

Student calendar (Mon)Download Link: Student Calendar (Mon)

College Year Calendar

You may use this template to track your daily appointments and activities but on yearly format. You may tap any day to see the detailed activities, schedule and planning along with specific deadlines, on this day.

College year calendarDownload Link: College Year Calendar

Homework Calendar

To deal a huge work load, homework and assignments, use this template. It will help you never to miss again any deadline as they will, automatically, appear on the calendar sheet. You may print it and even add it to your college notebook.

Homework calendarDownload Link: Homework Calendar

College Expense Estimator

To complete a semester or academic year, this template will help you to estimate your total estimated expenses. First of all prepare a list of the each item, total monthly expense on it and then add it to estimate for the college expenses. Then you may have the estimated total amount needed during your college year.

College expense estimatorDownload Link: College Expense Estimator

College Budget

In this template, you may plan for the college budget by adding:

  • Incoming sources
  • Total income from each source
  • Your estimated expenses for the college year
  • How much shortage of funds is there?
  • How much further financial resources are required?

College budgetDownload Link: College Budget

Class Schedule

You need to enter:

  • Week Day
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Breaks

Class scheduleDownload Link: Class schedule

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