With the increasing trend of using mobile cameras to snap humans, the most important thing while taking the snap shot with mobile camera is to focus on the right part of the view, in case of human this is face. This is not only desirable but also may be required part of professional and amateur photography.

It is always a good idea to set focus mode for the desired type of snap; here is to detect focus mode. As you are taking snaps of human beings, it is better to set focus on face detection as Mobile Camera will focus on the face.

It is easy to set / change the focus mode in Android 4.4.4 KitKat but if you feel any problem, you may see the instructions.

Command Line: Camera > Camera Setting > Setting – Lower Semi Circle Popup > Settings Button – Upper Semi Circle Popup > Focus Mode > Face Detect


1: Tap the icon of ‘Camera’ app on the Home screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat device.Camera-Focus-12: Tap the ‘Settings’ button on the screen of ‘Camera’ app, placed at the bottom right corner of the app. It will open up a semi-circled floating popup menu.Camera-Focus-23: In the first semi-circled floating popup menu, put your finger on the ‘Settings’ button and see a tool tip will tell you that this is ‘Settings’ button. Tap it and it will move the semi-circled floating popup a little upward and with new button in it.Camera-Focus-34: In this ‘SETTINGS’ semi-circled floating popup menu; named SETTINGS, again tap the settings button. It will open up a menu windows.Camera-Focus-45: In this menu window, see the ‘Focus mode’ – third option from top – is set to ‘Auto’ by default, i.e. while focusing for taking the snap with this camera, it will focus on the best possible part of the view. If you want to change the ‘Focus mode’, tap it.Camera-Focus-56: At the ‘Focus mode’ popup menu, see there are 4 following focus settings options available in it:

  • Auto
  • Face detection
  • Infinity
  • Macro

Camera-Focus-67: If you want to set the ‘Face detection’ as the focus mode, tap ‘Face detection’ to change it. It will immediately take you back to the popup menu window. Alternatively, you may set other options as desired.Camera-Focus-78: See; here at the menu window, ‘Focus mode’ has been changed to ‘Face detection’.Camera-Focus-8From now onward, your camera will focus on the human face whenever it is used to take snap of the human beings.

That’s all!


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