Whenever you are moving from the 2G network zone to 3G network zone or vice versa, the ordinary smartphone/cell phone network will require you to switch to the respective network or the performance of your phone will be slowed, hindering the smooth communication. But, the Android has a feature which, when enabled, changes the network, automatically.

You may use this feature right from the ‘Quick Settings Panel’ but its pre-requisite is to set this feature in the ‘Quick Settings Panel’. When it is set, you may switch over the networks with just a tap of the button or automatically if selected,


1: Tap the status bar to the right or left of the screen, depending upon the settings and drag it downward.

2: See the current status of networks is ‘2G’. KitKat-Network-1

3: To convert your network to ‘3G’, tap it once and the status will be changed to ‘3G’. KitKat-Network-24: If you want to set the switching to the automatic, i.e. it will automatically, change the network, tap it once again. It will be changed to ‘2G3G’. KitKat-Network-3If you have selected and opted the third option, i.e. ‘2G3G’, you must not be worried. Your Android device will automatically convert your network to the available network.

That’s all!

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