f you have been using Android or iOS then you might have noticed that you could easily record the voice calls being done from your phone. But, Windows Phone aka Windows Mobile was missing this feature to record voice calls which was leaving the people to use third party apps which are not free.

But, with the latest Windows 10 Mobile builds, Microsoft has added a useful way to record all your voice calls with a single tap. You can simply press the record button and the voice call between you and other recipient will start getting recorded.

Simply follow the instructions below and you will be able to record call easily.


  • First of all, you must be running the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile. You can go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Update & Security’ > ‘Phone Update’ and check for updates. If new updates are found, install it.
  • Now, whenever you want to record a voice call between you and other recipient, you may simply press the record button (refer the screenshot) while on the calling screen.


  • Your phone will prompt you about the legal responsibility and consequences of the call recording. Press ‘Record‘.

Note: You must be aware of the consequences of the call recording as it might be against the law in your region or the other party might be able to sue you for recording the conversation. We are posting this method just for educational and lawful method!


  • You can see the recording sign when the call is being recoded.


  • Once you end the call, you can find the recorded voice call in the ‘Recorded Calls’ folder of internal memory where the recorded call will be named after the contact you were having conversations with.
  • That’s all!

Here is a quick video showing the same process in details.

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