In the absence of custom ringtones, sometimes it becomes a problem to check the call due to mess of affairs or driving etc. But, missing the important and must-attend incoming calls can also be trouble creator. In this situation, the custom ringtones for the individual callers may present the suitable answer to the issue.

When you have set the custom ringtones to the important phone numbers while setting the other ringtones or not ringtone at all, you may understand significance of the caller by the ringtone and may decide to attend the incoming call or not.

It is easy to set custom ringtones in Android KitKat 4.4 by following the instructions:

Command Line: People App > Concerned Contact > Settings > Set Ringtone 

1: Tap People App icon to open it.KitKat-Custom-Ringtone-12: Select the contact from all the contacts for whom you want to set custom ringtone. Tap it to open.KitKat-Custom-Ringtone-23: At the profile screen of the contact, tap the Settings button, given at the top right corner of the screen.KitKat-Custom-Ringtone-34: Tapping the Settings will open up a popup menu.

5: From this menu, select and tap the ‘Set ringtone’.

6: Now, from the long list of ringtones, you may select ‘None’, if you want to keep the contact a silent one.

7: Alternatively, you may select the ringtone of your choice by tapping the radio button given against the name of the ringtone.

8: Or you may leave the contact intact, i.e. without setting any ringtone, which is set as ‘Default ringtone’.KiatKat-Custom-Ringtone-5

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