Wi-Fi networks are undoubtedly becoming the primary source of internet connection on Android devices and one can easily find Wi-Fi networks anywhere whether it’ your home, office or on the go in some restaurant/hotel.

One gets different Wi-Fi networks on different places and sometimes you get two or more networks at a time and you have to manually choose which one to connect to. But, Android has made this easy by prioritizing the Wi-Fi networks which are connected first and which ones are skipped.

Wi-Fi prioritizing lets you select which network would be preferred to be connected on your Android 4.4 Kitkat phone in presence of multiple networks which would let you automate the connection to Wi-Fi networks.

Simply follow the instructions to know how to prioritize different Wi-Fi networks to be connected from your Android 4.4 Kitkat easily.


  • First of all, open up ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Wi-Fi’.


  • Once ‘Wi-Fi’ has opened, turn it ‘ON’ by moving the slider switch to right. Now, open up ‘options’ by pressing the menu button on your phone or by pressing the ‘three dots’. Options will open, here press ‘Advanced’.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi settings will open. Here press ‘Wi-Fi priority’.


  • Here you would be showed all the Wi-Fi networks you have connected from your phone. Press any and move to the top which you want to be preferred first for connection. The connection on top would be preferred first to be connected and bottom ones won’t be preferred depending on their availability.


  • That’s all! Now, you don’t have to worry about connecting to Wi-Fi networks manually.

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8 thoughts on “How to prioritize different Wi-Fi networks in Android 4.4 to connect automatically once in reach

  1. Steven Alexander says:

    What version did you get this from? There is no “WiFi Priority”, under Advanced, on 4.4.2. MoF, most of those options(e.g., Avoid Poor Connections, WiFi Region code, etc) do not exist on 4.4.2(on my Note3). I am surprised that this is dated 10/2014. I think it is a mistake and should state 10/2013 or older.

    1. Ahmad Wahid says:

      The screenshots are from stock Android 4.4.4 but, this should also work on Android 4.4.2. We can assure this is also present in Android 4.4.3.
      It seems the TouchWiz by Samsung on your Note has removed these options.

      1. Roberto Madrazo says:

        4.4.4 on nexus 7(2013) doesn’t show this option, so I guess it’s not “stock android”.

  2. Karl Brune says:

    No such option on Motorola’s Moto G (1st gen) Android 4.4.4 stock. Let’s cross finger for 5.0

  3. Gail W says:

    I don’t see many of these options on my Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.4.2 either. Certainly WiFi Priority is not one of my choices under Advanced.

  4. BrianL51 says:

    I’ve got a Galaxy Note running 4.4.2 and this option doesn’t appear under Advanced. I was fine until I installed an HP printer with a wireless connection. Now whenever my tablet wakes up it connects to the printer and not to the regular internet connection. I have to connect manually every time. Barking!

  5. Doug R. says:

    Moto X doesn’t show either. I downloaded Wifi Prioritizer from the Play Store to get this functionality. It gets 4 stars and doesn’t appear to kill battery life…

  6. leoboiko says:

    I have the option, but I can’t reorder the networks how I want. A network I don’t want keeps on the top slot, even if I try to move it. Is it because it’s an encrypted network? I’d like to give higher priority to an unencrypted one…

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