Microsoft has released a new Lock Screen app for Android which gives the lock screen of your device a completely new design with the ability to see notifications and launch apps right from the lock screen. Named ‘Next’ Lock Screen, this awesome Lock Screen app lets you set three different views for apps by choosing from ‘At Home’, ‘At Work’ and ‘One the Go’ where you can select different apps and quick access buttons in the launcher.


Next Lock Screen works similar to the Lock Screen app of Windows Phone which works on the same swipe to unlock gesture. Swipe down and you will be able to unlock you Android phone.


The app also shows notifications on the lock screen from different apps like hangouts, messenger, Calendar and phone etc. you can always swipe the notifications left to snooze them.

You can check out the Next Lock Screen app for Android in action in the video below.

Download Next Lock Screen app (Play Store Link)

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